Our community is based in the region of Vilnius in a village called Melkys. We come from different backgrounds and different life experiences and are united in our longing to live further away from the business of the city. United in our love to live in a more honest lifestyle, where our bare feet can great the soil, where the wind can decorate our weather beaten cheeks, and mostly where our hearts can be more open to Life. We come together to be a community, to create and share a healthier environment for ourselves and our children.

Our dream and ambition is a lively, creative, diverse and a self-supporting community which is characterized by: body and spirit harmony; natural, slow pace of life; national approach; ethical approach to the surrounding environment; creative problem solving; traditional family values.

Most of the families in the community are families with children. This gave us a very clear first task after moving from the city to the village – to find a place that could educate our children which would be consistent with our values and that would also be close by. Proceeding with this task we encountered a bunch of teachers, educators and parents who are interested in the education circle. All these encounters led us to a clear vision to open Melkys primary school, that would grow into a secondary school and a center of our community. This place will inspire scientific, cultural, spiritual, ethical, ethnic and business ideas and activities. It will be a place where children and adults can learn and create. Craft workshops, planting and gardening for growing plants and timber, conducted community celebrations and organized seminars, lectures, camps and various events will take place here.

Professor Z. Gineitiene has offered her premises for this purpose. After the community made the reconstruction of the building, extracurricular activities have started to take place in the school. In 2016 September 1st here we will have first, second and third grade of primary school.

At this moment we are planning a bigger home for the school, which will also be the center for the community to come together. We are planning to start the construction work this spring.

Our dream is growing and we lovingly keep on building our Melkys community, to be able to attract and greet more and more families, children and people.